Choosing not to audit QTEMP objects

You can choose to not audit QTEMP objects by specifying the *NOQTEMP value.

The value, *NOQTEMP, can be specified as a value for the system value QAUDCTL. If you use the *NOQTEMP value, you must also specify either *OBJAUD or *AUDLVL for the QAUDCTL. When auditing is active and *NOQTEMP is specified, the following actions on objects in the QTEMP library will NOT be audited.
  • Changing or reading objects in QTEMP (journal entry types ZC, ZR).
  • Changing the authority, owner, or primary group of objects in QTEMP (journal entry types CA, OW, PG).
Note: The create of objects into QTEMP library and the delete of objects from QTEMP library are never audited.