Client Request Access (PCSACC) network attribute

The PCSACC network attribute determines how the IBM® i Access for Windows licensed program processes requests from attached personal computers to access objects.

The PCSACC network attribute controls whether personal computer jobs can access objects on the IBM i platform, but it doesn't control whether the personal computer can use workstation emulation.

Note: PCSACC network attribute controls only the DOS and OS/2 clients. This attribute has no effect on any other IBM i Access clients.
Possible values for PCSACC:  
*REJECT IBM i Access rejects every request from the personal computer to access objects on the IBM i platform. An error message is sent to the PC application.
*OBJAUT The IBM i Access programs on the system verify normal object authorities for any object requested by a PC program. For example, if file transfer is requested, authority to copy data from the database file is checked.
*REGFAC The system uses the system's registration facility to determine which exit program (if any) to run. If no exit program is defined for an exit point and this value is specified, *OBJAUT is used.
qualified- program- name The IBM i Access program calls this user-written exit program to determine if the PC request should be rejected. The exit program is called only if normal authority checking for the object is successful. The IBM i Access program passes information about the user and the requested function to the exit program. The program returns a code indicating whether the request should be allowed or rejected. If the return code indicates the request should be rejected or if an error occurs, an error message is sent to the personal computer.