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Web sites

  • Ricoh: Software - IBM i Link outside information center ( This Web site describes all of the IBM i Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) products.
  • AFP Consortium (AFPC) Link outside information center ( The AFP Consortium is an open standards body consisting of hardware and software vendors which define and develop the AFP architecture. The latest information about the AFP data stream architecture, white papers, and presentations may be found on the AFP Consortium web site. Refer to the AFPC website for the latest versions of the following documents:
    • AFP Programming Guide and Line Data Reference
    • AFPC Font Typeface Registry
    • Bar Code Object Content Architecture Reference
    • Color Management Object Content Architecture Reference
    • Font Object Content Architecture Reference
    • Graphics Object Content Architecture for Advanced Function Presentation Reference
    • Image Object Content Architecture Reference
    • Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference
    • MO:DCA Reference
    • Overview of the AFP Color Management Architecture
    • Presentation Object Subsets for AFP
    • Presentation Text Object Content Architecture Reference
    • Using OpenType Fonts in an AFP System

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