FLDCSRPRG (Cursor Progression Field) keyword for display files

You use this field-level keyword to define the field to which the cursor moves when it exits a field.

The FLDCSRPRG keyword is ignored when the workstation is not attached to a controller that supports an enhanced data stream.

The format of the keyword is:
FLDCSRPRG(name of a field)

One parameter must be specified.

The field containing the FLDCSRPRG keyword is defined as an input-capable field. It cannot be defined in a subfile.

The field name is a name of an input-capable field that is defined inside the same record that this field is in.

Option indicators are not valid for this keyword.

The FLDCSRPRG keyword is not allowed with the SNGCHCFLD or MLTCHCFLD keywords.


The following example shows how to specify the FLDCSRPRG keyword:

                R RECORD
                  F1           10A  B   3  4FLDCSRPRG(F3)
                  F2           10A  B  13  4FLDCSRPRG(F1)
                  F3           10A  B  16  4FLDCSRPRG(F2)

In this example, the cursor moves from field 1 to field 3, then from field 3 to field 2, and finally from field 2 to field 1.