Changing to level 20 from level 10

When you change from level 10 to level 20, any user profiles that were automatically created at level 10 are preserved. The password for each user profile that was created at level 10 is the same as the user profile name. No changes are made to the special authorities in the user profiles.

Consider performing the following list of recommended activities if you plan to change from level 10 to level 20 after your system has been in production:

  • List all the user profiles on the system using the Display Authorized User (DSPAUTUSR) command.
  • Either create new user profiles with standardized names or copy the existing profiles and give them new, standardized names.
  • Set the password to expired in each existing profile, forcing each user to assign a new password.
  • Set password composition system values to prevent users from assigning trivial passwords.
  • Review the default values in Default values for user profiles in IBM-supplied user profiles for any changes you want to make to the profiles automatically created at security level 10.