ObjectConnect function

ObjectConnect is a set of control language (CL) commands for moving objects between systems easily and efficiently.

ObjectConnect is included with the IBM® i operating system. You install it by selecting it on the Install Licensed Program display.

When you use an ObjectConnect command, the system moves the object directly to the target system without using save files or distribution queues. ObjectConnect provides better performance than other methods for moving objects between systems, and ObjectConnect does not require additional disk space to store an intermediate copy of the object that is being moved.

ObjectConnect commands are closely related to the save and restore commands. The ObjectConnect commands support most of the same parameters. Table 1 shows a list of the ObjectConnect commands and the associated IBM i save and restore commands. Using the ObjectConnect commands describes the functions that are performed by each command. The online command help describes the parameters for each command.

Table 1. ObjectConnect and associated IBM i save and restore commands
ObjectConnect commands IBM i save and restore commands
Save/Restore Integrated File System (SAVRST) Save (SAV), Restore (RST)
Save/Restore Object (SAVRSTOBJ) Save Object (SAVOBJ), Restore Object (RSTOBJ)
Save/Restore Changed Object (SAVRSTCHG) Save Changed Object (SAVCHGOBJ), Restore Object (RSTOBJ)
Save/Restore Library (SAVRSTLIB) Save Library (SAVLIB), Restore Library (RSTLIB)
Save/Restore Document Library Object (SAVRSTDLO) Save Document Library Object (SAVDLO), Restore Document Library Object (RSTDLO)
Save/Restore Configuration (SAVRSTCFG) Save Configuration (SAVCFG), Restore Configuration (RSTCFG)

To use the ObjectConnect functions, you must have ObjectConnect installed on both the source and target systems. The systems must be connected with one of the following methods:

  • Local area network (LAN) or remote communications line with Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) and Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN*).
  • LAN or remote communications line with Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) with AnyNet* or Enterprise Extender support.
  • Fiber optic bus with OptiConnect.