Unlinking virtual storage

Unlink virtual storage to make it inaccessible to the integrated server.

  1. For an integrated Windows server, see Virtual storage linking for integrated servers for information about when virtual storage can be dynamically unlinked while the server is active.
  2. You cannot dynamically unlink virtual storage from an active integrated VMware ESX server.
If you do not want to dynamically unlink the virtual storage for an integrated Windows server, or if the server is an integrated VMware ESX server, shut it down. See Stopping integrated servers.
To unlink virtual storage, complete the following steps:
  1. Select Integrated Server Administration from IBM Navigator for i.
  2. Select All Virtual Storage.
  3. Click the menu icon for the virtual storage you want to unlink.
  4. Select Remove link to open the Remove Link from Server window.
  5. Optional: If multiple servers are linked to the storage, select one or more servers to unlink from the storage.
  6. Optional: To eliminate gaps in the sequence of the virtual storage spaces, click Compress link sequence.
  7. Click Remove to unlink the virtual storage.