Work with Environment Var (WRKENVVAR)

The Work with Environment Variables (WRKENVVAR) command can be used to show a list of the environment variables on the Work with Environment Variables display. From this display, you can select options to add, to change, to remove, to display the details of, or to print the environment variables.

Restriction: You must have *JOBCTL special authority to use this command to add, change, or remove system-level environment variables.


Keyword Description Choices Notes
LEVEL Level *JOB, *SYS Optional

Level of the environment variable. (LEVEL)

Specifies the level of the environment variable.

The possible values are:

Work with job-level environment variables.
Work with system-level environment variables.


Example 1: Work with Job-level Environment Variables


This command allows you to display and work with all job-level environment variables.

Example 2: Work with System-level Environment Variables


This command allows you to display and work with all system-level environment variables.

Error messages