Remove Server Auth Entry (RMVSVRAUTE)

The Remove Server Authentication Entry (RMVSVRAUTE) command is used to remove server authentication entries from the specified user profile. This authentication information is used by application requesters to connect to application servers. Once an entry is removed, attempting to make new connections to the server will result in either using other server authentication entries or if no matches are found, returning an error to the application.

Restrictions: You must have security administrator (*SECADM) special authority, and object management (*OBJMGT) and use (*USE) authorities to the user profile to which the server authentication entry is to be removed, or else be signed on under that user profile, to run this command.


Keyword Description Choices Notes
USRPRF User profile Simple name, *CURRENT Required, Positional 1
SERVER Server Character value, *ALL Required, Positional 2

User profile (USRPRF)

Specifies the user profile for which the server authentication entry is to be removed.

The server authentication entry is removed for the current user.
Specify the name of the user profile from which to remove the server authentication entry.

Server (SERVER)

Specifies the name of the application server.

All server authentication entries for this user profile are to be removed.
Specify the name of the application server whose entry is to be removed. Specify no more than 200 characters.



This command removes the server authentication entry for MPLS_RDB from the current user profile.

Error messages

*ESCAPE Messages

User profile &1 not found.
Not able to allocate user profile &1.
Server authentication entry does not exist.
Not authorized to perform function.