Install HTTP Server on your server

Follow these steps to install IBM® HTTP Server for i on your IBM i server.

Before installing IBM HTTP Server for i, you need to ensure that your server meets all the hardware and software prerequisites. In addition, you should be aware of any compatibility issues.

To install IBM HTTP Server for i (5770-DG1) on your IBM i server, complete the following steps:

  1. Insert the installation media for HTTP Server into your system.
  2. At the IBM i command line, type GO LICPGM and press Enter.
  3. Select option 11 (Install licensed programs) on the Work with Licensed Programs display to see a list of licensed programs.
  4. Select and install IBM HTTP Server for i (5770-DG1). See the Software installation process for help with licensed program installation.
  5. Load and apply the latest HTTP Server group PTFLink outside Information Center.
The IBM HTTP Server for i licensed program is now installed with the latest fixes. You are now ready to verify the installation.