ILE RPG Programmer's Guide

This guide provides information that shows how to use the ILE RPG compiler (ILE RPG) in the Integrated Language Environment®. ILE RPG is an implementation of the RPG IV language on the IBM® i with the IBM i (IBM i) operating system. Use this guide to create and run ILE applications from RPG IV source.

Note: There are several screen captures in this guide, which might contain obsolete references to iSeries and other terms from prior releases.
This guide shows how to:
  • Enter RPG IV source statements
  • Create modules
  • Bind modules
  • Run an ILE program
  • Call other objects
  • Debug an ILE program
  • Handle exceptions
  • Define and process files
  • Access devices
  • Convert programs from an RPG III format to RPG IV format
  • Read compiler listings