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Tuning prestart job entries

This document shows how to manage prestart jobs to improve overall system performance.

Prestart jobs are jobs that start running before the work arrives. A prestart job entry in a subsystem description tells the system how many jobs to create and how to manage the prestart jobs. What you tell the system affects how well the system works. To get the best performance from your system, you need to tell the system what workload to expect.

The following sections contain the details:

Set the number of prestart jobs
This section uses the Display Active Prestart Jobs (DSPACTPJ) command and the Change Prestart Job Entry (CHGPJE) command to get the right number of jobs.
Change job attributes for prestart jobs
This section creates a new job description and sets the job message queue maximum size (JOBMSGQMX) and job message queue full action (JOBMSGQFL) job attributes.

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W. Dan Tarara

Published date

May 2004


January 2006