IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i (5770-HAS)

IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i (5770-HAS) changes

Support for IOP switching technology (sometimes referred to as switched disk technology) is being dropped in 7.3. This technology was part of the IBM i operating system, with user interfaces in the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i product (5770-HAS). IOP switching was used primarily by customers with internal disk who wanted two IBM i partitions but only one copy of the independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP). Customers still on internal disk have the option of either synchronous or asynchronous geographic mirroring, which replicates the data from one IASP to a backup copy. Customers using external storage can use PowerHA's LUN switching technology which will remain fully supported, as well as the other replication technologies available on external storage. Once you have upgraded to IBM i 7.3, it will no longer be possible to configure or manage an IOP switching environment.

7.2 IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i works with IBM i operating system 7.2 or 7.3.

A 7.2 new function PTF was created to support DS8000® HyperSwap® with IASPs. This new function requires PowerHA for i Enterprise Edition. For more information about this new function, see High availability overview.

With the support for DS8000 HyperSwap with IASPs, the HyperSwap Storage description commands were replaced by high availability configuration description commands. For more information about these commands, see Implementing High Availability.

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Start of changeHMC is dropping support of Common Information Model (CIM)End of change

Start of changeThe Hardware Monitor Console (HMC) is being updated to replace the existing Common Information Model (CIM) server with a new representational state transfer (REST) server. HMC V8R8.5.0 is the last version of HMC to support the CIM server, and is the first version of HMC to support all REST server. IBM® PowerHA® for i enhanced advanced node failure detection to support a new REST server through a new function PowerHA PTFs. PTFs have been provided for 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 PowerHA LP. See High Availability in Knowledge Center for more information.End of change

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