Network print server

Provides remote print support and additional print management when using IBM® i Access Client Solutions functions.

The network print server allows enhanced client control over print resources. This print server provides the following capabilities to each client by requesting print serving:

Spooled file
Create, seek, open, read, write, close, hold, release, delete, move, send, call exit program, change attributes, retrieve message, answer message, retrieve attributes, and list
Writer job
Start, end, and list
Printer device
Retrieve attributes and list
Output queue
Hold, release, purge, list, and retrieve attributes
Printer file
Retrieve attributes, change attributes, and list
Network print server
Change attributes and retrieve attributes

The programs listed in the following table are included with this server.

Network print server

Program name Library Description
QNPSERVS QSYS Server program
QNPSERVD QSYS Daemon program