Database server

For Data Transfer, ODBC, System i® Navigator database, and IBM® i Access Client Solutions providers (OLE DB and the .NET Data provider).

The database server allows clients access to Db2® for i functions. This server provides the following.

  • Support for remote SQL access
  • Access to data through ODBC, ADO, OLE DB, and .NET Data Provider interfaces
  • Database functions (such as creating and deleting files and adding and removing file members)
  • Retrieval functions for obtaining information about database files that exist on the system (such as SQL catalog functions)

Additionally, you can use Distributed Relational Database Architecture™ (DRDA) with the database server and with SQL packages. DRDA is not supported by OLE DB or the .NET Data Provider.

Choose from the following topics for more information on working with DRDA. Also, see the Distributed database programming topic collection for additional information about DRDA.