Central server

Provides services such as license management and other IBM® i Access Client Solutions client management functions.

The central server provides the following services for clients:

  • License management

    The initial request from either Data Transfer or PC5250 reserves a license for that IBM i Access Client Solutions user. The server remains active until the release delay timeout expires. The license will be held until it is released or the server job is ended. To see which licenses are reserved, use System i® Navigator to view the system's properties.

  • Retrieve conversion map

    The central server retrieves conversion maps for clients who need them. These conversion maps are usually used for ASCII to EBCDIC conversions and for EBCDIC to ASCII conversions. Coded character set identifiers (CCSID) must be supplied. The client can request a map by giving the correct source CCSID, the target CCSID, and a table of code points to be converted. The server then returns the correct mapping for the client to use.

The programs listed in the following table are included with this server.

Central server programs

Program name Library Description
QZSCSRVS QSYS Server program
QZSCSRVSD QSYS Daemon program