IBM i globalization

The IBM® i operating system is designed to support the culture and languages of many countries around the world. As companies integrate e-commerce on a global scale into their fundamental business processes, their prospective customers, established customers, and active partners can take advantage of increased revenue and decreased expenses through software globalization.

Globalizing your e-business is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. As the Internet transcends national and geographical boundaries, the concept of doing business within a single country is quickly giving way to the need to compete in an international marketplace.

Globalized software gives you the following advantages:

  • Increased customer satisfaction that can increase sales
  • Enhanced customer support communications
  • Enhanced global information dissemination
  • A better return on Information Technology (IT) investments

This information shows you how to:

  • Create an application efficiently and at minimal expense.
  • Retrofit existing applications for globalization and create new applications designed for globalization. Designing an application for globalization, however, is usually less expensive than retrofitting an existing application.
  • Ensure that the application design does not interfere with the current or planned design of other internationalized applications.
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