Changing values for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server for directory type *SDD

Use this procedure to change the values on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server when SMTP is using directory type *SDD.


  1. In the character-based interface, type CHGPJE (the Change Job Entries command).
  2. Enter the following values at the prompt and press Enter.
    Prompt Value
    Subsystem QSYSWRK
    Library QSYS
    Program QTMSSRCP
    Library QTCP
    Start jobs *SAME
    Initial number of jobs 4
    Threshold 2
    Additional number of jobs 2
    Maximum number of jobs 20

    These values guarantee that the system starts four prestart jobs, starts two additional jobs when the available jobs fall below two, and allows a maximum of 20 prestart jobs.