Changing the service tools language of your system or logical partition

You can change the service tools language to the language of your service representative. This procedure can guide you through installing a service tools language.

Before you begin to change the service tools language, obtain the media labeled as I_BASE_01. Ensure that the release and modification of your system are the same as that of your media. You need to be aware of the following things:
  • You will need the CD image that contains the License Internal Code for the version, release, and modification level installed on the system.
  • Image catalogs (virtual optical and tape devices) do not support the procedures in this topic.
  • You can only change the service tools language one time before an initial program load (IPL) is required.

To change the service tools language on the system or logical partition, follow these steps:

  1. Load the media labeled I_BASE_01 in the optical device.
  2. Access service tools using DST.
    Note: Use the service tools user ID QSECOFR to sign on to the DST.
  3. Select option 5 (Work with DST environment).
  4. Select option 7 (Change service tools language). The Select Service Tools Language display is shown including a list of service languages that you can choose from. The display also indicates the primary language of the current operating system.
  5. Enter the language ID (29xx) of the service tools language that you want in the Selection field and press Enter. For example, if your service representatives understand English, you might want to choose 2924.
  6. Select the optical device from step 1 and press Enter.
  7. On the Confirm Select Service Tools Language display, press Enter.
The next display depends on the method used to access service tools using DST.
  • If you access the service tools using DST from the system control panel, the IBM® i Sign On display is shown.
  • If you access the service tools using DST from a manual IPL, the IPL or Install the System display is shown.