Convert Hex to Character (CVTHC)

Instruction Syntax

Op Code (Hex) Operand 1 Operand 2
1086 Receiver Source
Operand 1: Character variable scalar.

Operand 2: Character variable scalar.


Each hex digit (4-bit value) of the string value in the source operand is converted to a character (8-bit value) and placed in the receiver operand.

Hex Digits Characters
Hex 0-9 = Hex F0-F9
Hex A-F = Hex C1-C6
The operation begins with the two operands left-adjusted and proceeds left to right until all the characters of the receiver operand have been filled. If the source operand contains fewer hex digits than needed to fill the receiver, the excess characters are assigned a value of hex F0. If the source operand is too large, a length conformance (hex 0C08) exception or an invalid operand length (hex 2A0A) exception is signaled.

Substring operand references that allow for a null substring reference (a length value of zero) may be specified for operands 1 and 2. The effect of specifying a null substring reference for the source is that the bytes of the receiver are each set with a value of hex F0. The effect of specifying a null substring reference for the receiver is that no result is set.

Authorization Required

  • None

Lock Enforcement

  • None


  • 06 Addressing
    • 0601 Space Addressing Violation
    • 0602 Boundary Alignment
    • 0603 Range
  • 08 Argument/Parameter
    • 0801 Parameter Reference Violation
  • 0C Computation
    • 0C08 Length Conformance
  • 10 Damage Encountered
    • 1004 System Object Damage State
    • 1044 Partial System Object Damage
  • 1C Machine-Dependent
    • 1C03 Machine Storage Limit Exceeded
  • 20 Machine Support
    • 2002 Machine Check
    • 2003 Function Check
  • 22 Object Access
    • 2201 Object Not Found
    • 2202 Object Destroyed
    • 2203 Object Suspended
    • 2208 Object Compressed
    • 220B Object Not Available
  • 24 Pointer Specification
    • 2401 Pointer Does Not Exist
    • 2402 Pointer Type Invalid
  • 2E Resource Control Limit
    • 2E01 User Profile Storage Limit Exceeded
  • 36 Space Management
    • 3601 Space Extension/Truncation
  • 44 Protection Violation
    • 4401 Object Domain or Hardware Storage Protection Violation
    • 4402 Literal Values Cannot Be Changed