Adding license key information

To use a keyed, licensed-enabled packaged product beyond the trial period, load the license key and other required information.

About this task

You can use the Work with License Information (WRKLICINF) command to add your license key information for your licensed-enabled packaged products. The WRKLICINF command allows you to load the license key and other required information to use a product beyond its trial period.

To add your license key information, do the following:


  1. Type WRKLICINF and press Enter.
  2. On the Work with License Information display, type a 1 in the option column next to the product identification number to add license key information for a program. Press Enter.
  3. On the Add License Key Information (ADDLICKEY) display, type the required information and add the license key information. Some fields may already contain the required information, such as the product identifier, license term, and system serial number. The 18-character license key is typed into three fields:
    • In the first field, type in characters one through six.
    • In the second field, type in characters seven through twelve.
    • In the last field, type in characters 13 through 18.

    In the usage limit field, type in the number of authorized users or the value *NOMAX.


Note: You will need *ALLOBJ authority in your user profile to supply the license key information. If you experience a problem with the key provided, contact your software provider.

License key repository

About this task

The license key repository stores product license key information for each unique licensed-enabled packaged product, license term, feature, and system. The repository can contain license keys for any system, and the product need not be installed.

If the product is installed on the system when you add license key information to the repository and the license is for this system, the ADDLICKEY command also installs the license key. When you install the license key, the product's current usage limit is changed to the usage limit that is specified by the license key. The expiration date is also set.

If the license key information already exists in the license key repository for a product that is being is installed, the license key information is installed as part of the product installation process.