Installing IBM PASE for i

PASE for i is an optionally installable component of the operating system. You need to install PASE for i to use it or to run some software that requires PASE for i support.

Some system software, such as the enhanced Domain Name System (DNS) server and the ILE C++ compiler, requires PASE for i support; therefore, you might still need to install PASE for i even if you are not planning to directly use PASE for i.

PASE for i is free of charge on all IBM® i servers.

To install PASE for i on your system, follow these steps:

  1. On an IBM i command line, enter GO LICPGM.
  2. Select 11 (Install licensed program).
  3. Select Option 33 (5770-SS1 - Portable Application Solutions Environment).
  4. Optional: Install additional locales.

    The PASE for i product installs only the locale objects that are associated with the language features that you have installed on the IBM i operating system. If you need locales that are not included with the language features on your system, you need to order and install additional IBM i language features.

Licensing note for software developers who are porting an application to PASE for i:

PASE for i provides a subset of the AIX® runtime libraries on the IBM i system. The IBM i license authorizes you to use any library code shipped with IBM i. This license does not imply a license to AIX libraries that were not shipped with PASE for i. All AIX products are separately licensed by IBM.

As you begin porting your own applications to PASE for i, you might find that your application has dependencies on AIX libraries that were not shipped with PASE for i. Before porting these libraries to the IBM i system, you should determine which software product provided those libraries and examine the terms and conditions of the license agreement for that software product. It might be necessary to work with IBM or a third party to port additional middleware dependencies to the IBM i system. You should investigate every licensing agreement involved with the code you are porting before you start porting. If you need to find out about license agreements in place against libraries that you believe belong to IBM, contact your IBM marketing representative, one of the IBM porting centers, the Custom Technology Center in Rochester, or PartnerWorld® for Developers.