Parameter fields for exit point QIBM_QZDA_SQL1 format ZDAQ0100

The following table shows parameter fields and their descriptions for the IBM® i database exit program called at exit point QIBM_QZDA_SQL1 using the ZDAQ0100 format.

Table 1. Exit point QIBM_QZDA_SQL1 format ZDAQ0100
Offset Type Field Description
Dec Hex
0 0 CHAR(10) User profile name The name of the user profile that is calling the server.
10 A CHAR(10) Server identifier For this exit point the value is *SQLSRV.
20 14 CHAR(8) Format name The user exit format name being used. For QIBM_QZDA_SQL1 the format name is ZDAQ0100.
28 1C BINARY(4)
The function being performed.
This field contains one of the following:
  • X'1800' - Prepare
  • X'1803' - Prepare and describe
  • X'1804' - Open/Describe
  • X'1805' - Execute
  • X'1806' - Execute immediate
  • X'1809' - Connect
  • X'180D' - Prepare and execute or prepare and open
  • X'180E' - Open and fetch
  • X'180F' - Create package
  • X'1810' - Clear package
  • X'1811' - Delete package
  • X'1812' - Execute or open
  • X'1815' - Return package information
32 20 CHAR(18) Statement name Name of the statement used for the prepare or execute functions.
50 32 CHAR(18) Cursor name Name of the cursor used for the open function.
68 44 CHAR(2) Prepare option Option used for the prepare function.
70 46 CHAR(2) Open attributes Option used for the open function.
72 48 CHAR(10) Extended dynamic package name Name of the extended dynamic SQL package.
82 52 CHAR(10) Package library name Name of the library for extended dynamic SQL package.
92 5C BINARY(2) DRDA indicator
  • 0 - Connected to local RDB
  • 1 - Connected to remote RDB
94 5E CHAR(1) Commitment control level
  • 'A' - Commit *ALL
  • 'C' - Commit *CHANGE
  • 'N' - Commit *NONE
  • 'S' - Commit *CS (cursor stability)
95 5F CHAR(512) First 512 bytes of the SQL statement text First 512 bytes of the SQL statement
Note: This format is defined by member EZDAEP in files H, QRPGSRC, QRPGLESRC, QCBLSRC and QCBLLESRC in library QSYSINC.

The QIBM_QZDA_ROI1 exit point is defined to run an exit program for the requests that retrieve information about certain objects for the database server. It is also used for SQL catalog functions.

This exit point has two formats defined.

Objects for which format ZDAR0100 is used to retrieve information:
  • Field (or column)
  • File (or table)
  • File member
  • Index
  • Library (or collection)
  • Record format
  • Relational database (or RDB)
  • Special columns
  • SQL package
  • SQL package statement
Objects for which format ZDAR0200 is used to retrieve information:
  • Foreign keys
  • Primary keys