Audit Journal (QAUDJRN) entry types

This table introduces all available entry types for the audit journal.

Table 1. Audit Journal (QAUDJRN) entry types
Entry type Description
AD Auditing changes
AF Authority failure
AP Obtaining adopted authority
AU Attribute changes
AX Row and column access control
CA Authority changes
CD Command string audit
CO Create object
CP User profile changed, created, or restored
CQ Change of *CRQD object
CU Cluster Operations
CV Connection verification
CY Cryptographic Configuration
DI Directory Server
DO Delete object
DS DST security password reset
EV System environment variables
GR Generic record
GS Socket description was given to another job
IM Intrusion monitor
IP Interprocess Communication
IR IP Rules Actions
IS Internet security management
JD Change to user parameter of a job description
JS Actions that affect jobs
KF Key ring file
LD Link, unlink, or look up directory entry
ML Office services mail actions
NA Network attribute changed
ND APPN directory search filter violation
NE APPN end point filter violation
OM Object move or rename
OR Object restore
OW Object ownership changed
O1 (Optical Access) Single File or Directory
O2 (Optical Access) Dual File or Directory
O3 (Optical Access) Volume
PA Program changed to adopt authority
PF PTF operations
PG Change of an object’s primary group
PO Printed output
PS Profile swap
PU PTF object changes
PW Invalid password
RA Authority change during restore
RJ Restoring job description with user profile specified
RO Change of object owner during restore
RP Restoring adopted authority program
RQ Restoring a *CRQD object
RU Restoring user profile authority
RZ Changing a primary group during restore
SD Changes to system distribution directory
SE Subsystem routing entry changed
SF Actions to spooled files
SG Asynchronous Signals
SK Sockets connections
SM Systems management changes
SO Server security user information actions
ST Use of service tools
SV System value changed
VA Changing an access control list (This entry is no longer being written)
VC Starting or ending a connection (This entry is no longer being written)
VF Closing server files (This entry is no longer being written)
VL Account limit exceeded (This entry is no longer being written)
VN Logging on and off the network (This entry is no longer being written)
VO Validation list actions
VP Network password error
VR Network resource access (This entry is no longer being written)
VS Starting or ending a server session (This entry is no longer being written)
VU Changing a network profile (This entry is no longer being written)
VV Changing service status (This entry is no longer being written)
X0 Network Authentication
X1 Identify Token
X2 Query manager profile changes
XD Directory server extension
YC DLO object accessed (change)
YR DLO object accessed (read)
ZC Object accessed (change)
ZR Object accessed (read)