Configuration Section

The Configuration Section is optional. When specified, it can describe the computer on which the source program is compiled and the computer on which the object program is executed. However, the Configuration Section must not be specified in a nested program. The entries specified in the Configuration Section of a program apply to all programs contained within that program.

In addition, the Configuration Section can:
  • Relate IBM-defined environment-names to user-defined mnemonic names
  • Specify the collating sequence
  • Specify a single or multiple character currency string and a substitute character for the currency sign
  • Interchange the functions of the comma and the period in PICTURE clauses and numeric literals
  • Relate alphabet-names to character sets or collating sequences
  • Relate class names to sets of characters
  • Specify the type of linkage to be made on a CALL, CANCEL, or SET…ENTRY statement
  • Specify the default formats for a date or time data type.
Each paragraph must contain one, and only one, separator period immediately after the last entry in the paragraph.
Note: The SEU Syntax Checker requires that the first clause of the following paragraphs be entered on the same line as the paragraph name:
The Configuration Section of the Environment Division contains three paragraphs: