ILE C/C++ Runtime Library Functions

Use this information as a reference when you write Integrated Language Environment® (ILE) C and C++ applications.

The information is intended for programmers who are familiar with the C/C++ programming language and who want to write or maintain ILE C/C++ applications. You must have experience in using applicable IBM® i menus, displays, or control language (CL) commands. You also need knowledge of Integrated Language Environment as explained in the ILE Concepts manual.

This information does not describe how to program in the C or C++ programming languages, nor does it explain the concepts of ILE. Companion publications for this reference are:
  • C/C++ Legacy Class Libraries Reference, SC09-7652-00
  • ILE Concepts
  • ILE C/C++ for AS/400 MI Library Reference, SC09-2418-00
  • Standard C/C++ Library Reference, SC09-4949-01
  • ILE C/C++ Compiler Reference
  • ILE C/C++ Language Reference
  • ILE C/C++ Programmer's Guide

For other prerequisite and related information, see Related information.

A note about examples

The examples in this information that illustrate the use of library functions are written in a simple style. The examples do not demonstrate all possible uses of C/C++ language constructs. Some examples are only code fragments and do not compile without additional code. The examples all assume that the C locale is used.

All complete runnable examples for library functions and machine interface instructions are in library QCPPLE, in source file QACSRC. Each example name is the same as the function name or instruction name. For example, the source code for the example illustrating the use of the _Rcommit() function in this information is in library QCPPLE, file QACSRC, member RCOMMIT. The QSYSINC library must be installed.