Installing BRMS

Follow these instructions to install BRMS.

There are no special actions you need to take when installing BRMS on a system for the first time or if you a installing a new version of BRMS on the same system which has a previous version currently installed. In either case, follow the steps below to install BRMS on your IBM® i product or use the normal IBM i processes for installing the new software from the distribution media.
Note: If you are consolidating BRMS operations on one or more systems to another system, or moving BRMS operations to a new system having a new name, refer to Merging BRMS data and consolidating systems for guidance in completing the migration task.
  1. Quiesce all BRMS operations if BRMS is already installed.
  2. Enter GO LICPGM from a command line.
  3. At the Work with Licensed Programs display, select option 11 (Install Licensed Programs).
  4. Select Product 5770-BR1, option *BASE, to install the standard IBM Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i product. Then press Enter.
  5. Press Enter at the next display to confirm your selection.
  6. At the Install Options display, type in the name of your installation device as requested. Then press Enter to start the installation.
  7. Press F14 to accept the Software Agreements.
  8. After you have successfully installed the *BASE BRMS product, you can install the additional features. To do so, repeat steps 1-7 for each feature. At step 3, take option 1 for the Network feature or option 2 for the Advanced Functions (HSM) feature.