This topic provides information about IBM® HTTP Server for i APIs for CGI applications.

HTTP Server supports the APIs listed below in C++, REXX, ILE C, ILE COBOL, and ILE RPG programming languages. Although all APIs are supported in all of these languages, most ILE C CGI applications will only need to use QtmhCvtDB(), QzhbCgiParse(), or QzhbCgiUtils(). This is because ANSI C can work with stdin, stdout, and environment variables directly. ILE C CGI applications use ANSI C function calls to work with stdin, stdout, environment variables, and string functions for parsing stdin and environment variable data.

To use these APIs in a CGI application, you must bind the CGI program to *SRVPGM QZHBCGI in library QHTTPSVR. ILE C programs must include header file QSYSINC/H(QZHBCGI). CGI application programs must be written and compiled in Integrated Language Environment® ILE C, ILE RPG, and ILE COBOL.