USRDFN (User-Defined) keyword for display files

You use this record-level keyword to specify that the data for this record is in the form of a user-defined data stream.

This keyword has no parameters.

No fields are valid for this record because the data stream formats the display. No file- or record-level keywords apply to this record except INVITE, KEEP, PASSRCD, HLPRTN, HELP, HLPCLR, PRINT, OPENPRT, and TEXT. However, the HELP, HLPRTN, and INVITE keywords will only apply if they are specified on this record. They will not apply if they are specified at the file-level. Help specifications are valid for this record. Once you do an output operation for this record, the IBM® i program no longer holds knowledge of the status of the records on the device. You should have in-depth knowledge of the device before using this keyword.

Option indicators are not valid for this keyword.


The following example shows how to specify the USRDFN keyword.

00020A          R USRREC                    USRDFN