HLPTITLE (Help Title) keyword for display files

You use this file-level or record-level keyword to define the default title of online help information in panel group. The help information is displayed using the full screen.

This should be the name of the display you were on when you pressed the Help key. Use this keyword only on a full-screen help display and when no help title is specified in the help source.

The format of the keyword is:

The text can be up to 55 characters long.

If you specify the HLPTITLE keyword in a file, the file must contain at least one HLPPNLGRP keyword at either the file or help specification level.

If you specify a file-level HLPPNLGRP keyword and no help specifications are defined in the file, the HLPTITLE keyword is required at the file level.

If you do not specify a HLPTITLE keyword at the file level, at least one HLPTITLE keyword is required on every record that contains help specifications. The HLPTITLE keyword is not valid on records that do not contain help specifications.

Option indicators are not valid on a file-level HLPTITLE keyword. Option indicators are allowed on record-level HLPTITLE keywords and must be specified on each HLPTITLE keyword if the record contains multiple HLPTITLE keywords. You can specify a maximum of 15 HLPTITLE keywords on a record if all have option indicators. At run time, the first HLPTITLE keyword in effect is used. If no HLPTITLE keyword is in effect for the record, a message is issued.


The following example shows how to specify the HLPTITLE keyword.

     A                                      HELP
     A                                      HLPPNLGRP(GENERAL LIBA/PANEL1)
     A          R REC001
     A  90                                  HLPTITLE('Sample Screen 1')
     A N90                                  HLPTITLE('Sample Screen 2')
     A          H                           HLPARA(4  10  4  29)
     A                                      HLPPNLGRP(NAMETAG LIBA/PANEL1)
     A          H                           HLPARA(6  10  6  19)
     A  10                                  HLPPNLGRP(OPTION2TAG PANEL2)
     A  90                              1 10'Sample Screen 1'
     A N90                              1 10'Sample Screen 2'
     A            NAME1         20A  B  4 10
     A  10        OPTION2       10A  B  6 10

Two titles are associated with the record, so the HLPTITLE keyword is specified at the record level, where option indicators are used. The state of option indicator 90 determines which title is displayed on both the application display and the online help information display. Using an indicator and its complement guarantees that one of the two HLPTITLE keywords is in effect.