HLPCLR (Help Cleared) keyword for display files

You use this record-level keyword to clear the list of active help specifications. When this record is displayed, only the online help information that is defined on the current record format or on the file level is accessible.

This keyword has no parameters.

If the HLPCLR keyword is not specified, the help specifications are accumulated for all records on the display and are active until the record containing the help specification either is cleared from the display or is completely overlapped by another record.

Option indicators are allowed on this keyword.

The record specifying the HLPCLR keyword must contain at least one help specification. Because help specifications are ignored for an override operation with USRDSPMGT specified, the use of HLPCLR with USRDSPMGT and PUTOVR results in no online help being available for display. To maintain the available online help, HELPCLR should be turned off when PUTOVR is in effect.


The following example shows how to specify the HLPCLR keyword.

     A          R RECORD1                   USRDFN
     A                                      HLPCLR
     A          H                           HLPARA(1 10 1 30)
     A                                      HLPRCD(RECORDA FILE1)
     A          H                           HLPARA(4 10 4 30)
     A                                      HLPDOC(A B C)

When RECORD1 is displayed, only the online help information associated with the two help specifications defined in RECORD1 is available for display.