Required: Allocating additional space for Licensed Internal Code

Start of changeThe IBM® i 7.2 Licensed Internal Code requires more storage space than V6R1 and IBM i 7.1. If your system or logical partition does not have the additional space, the upgrade stops during the installation of the IBM i 7.2 Licensed Internal Code. IBM i 7.2 also requires a load-source disk that is 70 GB or larger.End of change

For best results, use the Allocate Licensed Internal Code Space (QLPALCSP) API to find out whether enough reserved storage is available to allocate the additional space when necessary and to help determine and correct any possible errors. Start of change(The Prepare for install menu provides the same capabilities as the API if you choose to use that instead.) End of change

Attention: If your system requires the extra space to be allocated, an initial program load (IPL) is required to finish this task.

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The valid values for 's' (the Start space allocation parameter) are 0 or 1.
  • For the value 0, an indicator is set for the Licensed Internal Code to allocate all of the additional space that is required for the specified release during the next IPL (not an installation IPL). This value also causes the Licensed Internal Code to stop any space allocation requests due to a previous call to QLPALCSP with the Start space allocation parameter set to 1.
  • For the value 1, preparation for the allocation is done immediately by moving data off the load-source disk unit to ensure that the space can be allocated more quickly during the next IPL. This option will minimize the length of time that the next IPL will take to finish the operation.
For either option (0 or 1), an IPL is needed to allocate the space.
Note: You do not need to IPL now, but you must IPL before you begin to upgrade.
The QLPALCSP API also has an optional parameter (IPL required) so you know whether an IPL is needed. If you do not use the IPL required parameter of this API, review the job log after the API is called. If you see the following information message, you do not need to IPL as you already have the required space.
CPI3DBF - Allocating additional space is not necessary

If you receive message CPF3DF7, you are directed to upgrade your load-source disk unit with device parity protection. Options for upgrading the load-source disk unit, including the load-source disk unit with device parity protection, are available under the topic Disk management checklist . Otherwise, contact your authorized service provider for assistance.

For more information on the QLPALCSP API, refer to the Allocate Licensed Internal Code space (QLPALCSP) API topic .