IBM Navigator for i

IBM® Navigator for i is a Web console interface where you can perform the key tasks to administer your IBM i. IBM Navigator for i supports the vast majority of tasks that are available in the System i® Navigator Windows client application. However, unlike the Windows client application, nothing needs to be installed on your workstation to use IBM Navigator for i. The Web application is part of the base IBM i operating system, and can be easily accessed by simply pointing your browser to http://systemName:2001.

The IBM Navigator for i console contains the following task categories for IBM i management. These categories are similar to those that you see within the System i Navigator client application.

  • Target systems and groups (Target systems, System groups)
  • Favorites (Your personal favorites are shown here)
  • System (System status, System operator messages, History log, Search, Disk status, 5250 Emulation, Change password, image linkApplication Administration,image link and more.)
  • Monitors (System monitors, Message monitors)
  • Basic operations (Messages, Printers, Printer output, and more.)
  • Work management (Active jobs, Server jobs, Output queues, Active subsystems, and more.)
  • Configuration and service (System values, Time management, Disk units, Disk pools, Software,Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs), Partition management, and more.)
  • Network (TCP/IP configuration, Servers, Remote Access Services, IP Policies, Enterprise Identity Mapping(EIM), and more.)
  • Integrated server administration (Virtual storage, Servers, Domains, and more.)
  • Security (Authorization lists, Cryptographic services key management, Intrusion detection, and more.)
  • Users and groups (Users, Create users, Groups, and more.)
  • Databases (Performance monitors, Health center, Databases, and more.)
  • Journal management (Journals, Create a journal, Manage journals, and more.)
  • Performance (Investigate data and collections, and more.)
  • File systems (Integrated file system, File shares, Create file share, Edit files, Download and upload files, and more.)
  • Internet configurations (IBM Web Administration for i, Digital certificate manager, IBM IPP Server for i, and more.)
  • PowerHA® (Configure and manage existing or customized high availability environments; replaces Cluster resource services and High Availability Solutions Manager)
    Note: requires PowerHA licensed product
  • Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (Allows you to implement a fully automated backup, recovery, and media management strategy for your System i product )
    Note: requires Backup, Recovery, and Media Services licensed product
Current Browser Support for IBM Navigator for i:
  • Mozilla Firefox 20 or newer (recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome 25 or higher

This information is intended to help you start using the Web-based console, IBM Navigator for i, by providing you with tips on how to work with the interface.