Experience Report

The Performance Adjuster (QPFRADJ)

The i5/OS™ server has the ability to automatically manage the shared memory pools without any user interaction. This function is controlled by the performance adjustment system value, QPFRADJ. When this system value is set to '2' or '3,' the system periodically checks the performance of all the active shared pools and adjusts or rearranges the storage and activity levels as needed. This function is active by default (the shipped value of QPFRADJ is '2' which means 'Adjustment at IPL and automatic adjustment'). This experience report explains how the user-defined settings on the Work with Shared Pools (WRKSHRPOOL) display affect the performance adjuster algorithm, and gives examples of how to tailor them for your environment.

The following sections contain additional information about system tuning with the QPFRADJ performance adjuster:

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Angela Newton

Published date

May 2004