PASE for i Locales

PASE for i includes a subset of the locales provided by AIX®, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. PASE for i locales are installed as symbolic links in directory /usr/lib/nls/loc.

The full name of any PASE for i locale includes a code set name, which equates to the Coded Character Set Identifier (CCSID) shown in the table. Some locales also have a short name that exclude the code set part of the name. Any locale with a name ending in "@euro" uses the Euro as the currency symbol. Any locale with a name ending in "@preeuro" uses the traditional currency symbol.

Note that although there are locales in this list with associated multibyte CCSIDs, the PASE for i CCSID must be either a single-byte ASCII encoding that the ILE version of iconv can convert to and from the job default CCSID, or 1208 for UTF-8 encoding.

Most PASE for i locales are shipped with IBM i language feature codes. Only locales in the base *CODE load and locales for installed language feature codes will exist on a particular IBM i system.

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