Control-Specification Keywords

Control-specification keywords may have no parameters, optional parameters, or required parameters. The syntax for keywords is as follows:

    Keyword(parameter1 : parameter2)
  • Parameter(s) are enclosed in parentheses ( ).
    Note: Do not specify parentheses if there are no parameters.
  • Colons (:) are used to separate multiple parameters.
The following notational conventions are used to show which parameters are optional and which are required:
  • Braces { } indicate optional parameters or optional elements of parameters.
  • An ellipsis (…) indicates that the parameter can be repeated.
  • A colon (:) separates parameters and indicates that more than one may be specified. All parameters separated by a colon are required unless they are enclosed in braces.
  • A vertical bar (|) indicates that only one parameter may be specified for the keyword.
  • A blank separating keyword parameters indicates that one or more of the parameters may be specified.
Note: Braces, ellipses, and vertical bars are not a part of the keyword syntax and should not be entered into your source.

If additional space is required for control-specification keywords, the keyword field can be continued on subsequent lines. See Traditional Control-Specification Statement and Control Specification Keyword Field.