DAT cartridge and tape unit compatibility

The capacity and read/write capabilities for your media type are provided.

Table 1. Media type, cartridge part number, capacity ,and data transfer rate
Media type Cartridge part number Capacity Data transfer rate
DDS1 21F8754 2 GB  
DDS2 8191151 4 GB  
DDS3 59H3465 12 GB  
DDS4 59H4456 20 GB 3MB/s
DAT72 18P7912 36 GB 3MB/s
DAT160 23R5635 80 GB 6MB/s
DAT320 46C1936 160 GB 12MB/s
DAT72 Test Cartridge 19P4879    
DAT160 Test Cartridge 19P4880    
DAT 320 test Cartridge 18P6484    
DAT72 Cleaning 35L1044    
DAT160 Cleaning 59H2678    
DAT320 Cleaning      
Note: DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, and DDS4 tape drives are not supported by IBM® i
Table 2. Read/write capabilities
Media type DAT72 DAT160 DAT320
DDS3 R/W    
DDS4 R/W R/W  
DAT72 R/W R/W  
DAT160   R/W R/W
DAT 320     R/W
DAT72 Test Cartridge R/W    
DAT160 Test Cartridge   R/W  
DAT320 Test Cartridge     R/W