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Product manuals and IBM® Redbooks® publications contain information that relates to RPG programming language.

Integrated Language Environment

These manuals include information for Integrated Language Environment® (ILE) RPG, an IBM licensed program that includes a set of RPG compilers to be used for commercial and business applications on the system.

  • ILE Application Development ExampleLink to PDF (about 459 KB)

    This manual contains ILE application examples, the steps needed to complete the presented examples, and discussions of those examples. The topics covered include the ILE environment, modularity, debugging, activation groups, service programs, and updating ILE programs.

  • ILE ConceptsLink to PDF (about 1500 KB)

    This manual describes concepts and terminology for the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) architecture of IBM i. Topics covered include module creation, binding, how to run and debug programs, and exception handling.


The following manuals are not included in the IBM i Information Center. However, these manuals might be a useful reference to you. Each of the manuals is available from the IBM Publications Center as a printed hardcopy. You can order a printed hardcopy, download an online version at no charge, or do both. See Ordering publications from IBM for more information.

  • RPG/400® Reference

    This manual is a reference for the RPG/400 compiler. Topics covered in this manual include RPG specifications, RPG indicators, the RPG program cycle, operation codes, RPG words with special functions, arrays and tables, how to edit numeric fields, general file considerations, and double-byte character set (DBCS) support.

  • RPG/400 User's Guide

    This manual is a guide for the RPG/400 programming language using the i5/OS operating system. Topics covered in this manual include designing, coding, entering and compiling, testing and debugging, and learning about sample programs.

IBM Redbooks

IBM Redbooks publications related to RPG follow: