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Job Accounting

Job accounting is a function available on every i5/OS™ system that can be used to track usage of system resources. The journal accounting information system value (QACGLVL) determines what type of system usage information is journaled to the system accounting journal (QACGJRN). The type of information that can be collected includes processing unit time used (CPU), transaction counts, time job was active, number of database operations, communications operations, and number of printed pages. A full list of fields found in the accounting journal entries can be found in the Table: JB, DP, and SP journal entries section of the PDF. This information can be used to track resource usage for a particular user or group of users. Queries or application programs can be written to use this data for several purposes such as charging users for use of system resources, analyzing performance, or statistical analysis. This experience report covers how to set up job accounting, special considerations for prestart or server jobs, and how to look at the data after it has been collected.

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Angela Newton

Published date

May 2004