XML Toolkit

The IBM® XML Toolkit for IBM i, licensed program offering (LPO) 5733-XT2, V1R2M0, is designed to provide key development enablement components, XML parsers, to assist in the use of XML for general application or business-to-business (B2B) solutions. The XSL transformer allows you to reformat or reorganize XML documents to other formats (for example, XML or HTML).

The XML Toolkit for IBM i is based on cross-platform, open-source code that is designed to be compliant with industry standards. Parser version 5.6.3 corresponds to Apache Software Foundations' Xerces-C Version 2.6 with fixes. The XSL transformer corresponds to Apache Software Foundations' Xalan-C Version 1.10.2. In addition to providing the XML for C++ parser and the XSL transformer for C++, a unique interface called XML Procedural parser is provided to the XML for C++ parser that allows applications written in RPG, C, or COBOL to access an XML parser.

Also included with the XML Toolkit is XML Scripting for IBM i. XML Scripting for IBM i provides an XML based build tool.