Error-Handling Operations

The exception-handling operation codes are:

These operation codes are available in both the traditional syntax and free-form syntax.

MONITOR, ON-ERROR and ENDMON are used to code a monitor group. The monitor group consists of a monitor block, followed by one or more on-error blocks, followed by ENDMON.

The monitor block contains the code that you think might generate an error. The on-error blocks contain the code to handle errors that occur in the monitor block.

A monitor block consists of a MONITOR operation followed by the operations that will be monitored. An on-error block consists of an ON-ERROR operation, with a list of status codes, followed by the operations that will be performed if an error in the monitor block generates any of the listed status codes.

When an error occurs in the monitor block and the operation has an (E) extender or an error indicator, the error will be handled by the (E) extender or the error indicator. If no indicator or extender can handle the error, control passes to the on-error block containing the status code for the error. When the on-error block is finished, control passes to the ENDMON. If there is no on-error block to handle the error, control passes to the next level of exception handling (the *PSSR or INFSR subroutines, or the default error handler).

ON-EXIT is used to begin a section of code that runs when the procedure ends, either normally or abnormally.

Figure 1. Example of MONITOR and ON-ERROR blocks
   MONITOR;                           _
       OPEN   FILE;                    |
       DOW    getNextRecord ();        |
         X = X + 1;                    +-- This is the monitor block
         nameList(X) = name;           |
       ENDDO;                          |
       CLOSE  FILE;                   _|
   ON-ERROR   1216;                   _
       DSPMSG                          |
          ('Error opening file FILE'   |
         : %status);                   +-- First on-error block
       RETURN;                        _|
   ON-ERROR   121;                    _
       DSPMSG                          |
          ('Array NAME is too small'   +-- Second on-error block
         : %status);                   |
       RETURN;                        _|
   ON-ERROR   *ALL;                   _
       DSPMSG                          |
          ('Unexpected error'          +-- Final catch-all on-error block
         : %status);                   |
       RETURN;                        _|
   ENDMON;                            --- End of MONITOR group