Work management

Work management is an important building block within the IBM® i operating system.

Its functions are the foundation through which all work enters the system, is processed, run, and completed. Whether you run a simple batch job once a week or you call an application daily (like Lotus Notes®), work management helps manage the jobs and objects that run on your system. It also supports the commands and internal functions necessary to control system operations and allocate resources to applications when needed.

The IBM i product is set up and ready to use. Most users do not need to change the default settings. However, if you need to tailor the work management piece to fit your company, you need to understand the terms and concepts associated with it and how they integrate with each other to provide you with the best performance from your system.

Whether you are an experienced IBM i user or just learning, this topic collection gives you an easy-to-understand view of work management. This topic contains different entry points, so that you choose where you want to start learning about work management.

Note: In addition, you can work with work management using IBM Navigator for i. This allows you to work with work management functions using a Web browser. For more information, see IBM Navigator for i tasks on the Web.