What's new for IBM i 7.2

Describes the improvements and additions to journal management.

New journal entry types for journal entry codes D and T

For journal code D- Database file operation, there is are new entry types,
  • M1, M2, M3 for masking
  • P1, P2, P3 for permission
For journal code T- Audit trail entry, there are new entry types,
  • X2 query manager profile changes
  • AX row and column access control
  • PF, PU for PTFs

For a list of all journal entries by code and type see: All journal entries by code and type

Deferred object journaling during restore support

For details on deferring object journaling during a restore see: Deferring object journaling during restore

Remote journal over secure sockets (SSL) support

For details on remote journal over SSL see: Supported communications protocols for remote journals

New methods for displaying journal entries

Displaying journal entries using System i Navigator and table function QSYS2/Display_Journal are outlined in: Working with journal entry information

Tips for journals and journal receivers in different libraries

For some tips for restoring journals and journal receivers that are in different libraries see: Library assignment for journal receivers

A tool for journal traffic prediction and planning

The journal sizing and planning tool (Pseudo Journal) is outlined here: Journal sizing and planning tool

How to see what's new or changed

To help you see where technical changes have been made, this information uses:
  • The Start of change image to mark where new or changed information begins.
  • The End of change image to mark where new or changed information ends.

To find other information about what's new or changed this release, see the Memo to users.