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Read this for an overview of the IBM® i information content, as well as a listing of what's new in the release. You can also find notices for hardware and software topics.

Welcome to the IBM i Information center, your source for technical information about the IBM i operating system. The information center is your starting point for all IBM i technical information.

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Note: The information center is updated periodically. To see a list of the most recent IBM i Information Center updates, see Information center updates since IBM i 7.2 announcement.

Overview of the main categories and their new and changed information:

Table 1. IBM i Information Center main categories and what's new for IBM i 7.2
Information center category overview What's new or changed

This category contains information about how to decide what level of availability you need and the technologies and techniques you can use to achieve your availability goals.

Basic system operations

This category introduces some of the key concepts and tasks required for System i® basic operations.

IBM i integration with BladeCenter and System x

Use this information to integrate System x or blade systems using the integrated server support option and supported iSCSI hardware or to configure IBM i and the Microsoft Windows operating system to work with a IBM i integration with BladeCenter and System x solution.

IBM i integration with BladeCenter and System x
Connecting to your system

Use the information in this category to learn more about your options for connecting to and communicating with your system. From mobile telephones to remote consoles to the powerful functions of System i Navigator, the IBM i environment offers you flexible solutions to use in your systems management strategy.


This information enables you to take advantage of DB2® for IBM i to access and manage server data through an application or a user interface. As well as providing access to and protection for your data, DB2 for IBM i provides advanced functions such as referential integrity and parallel database processing.

e-business and Web serving

This category covers the electronic business capabilities of your system, to allow your company to participate over the Internet with other e-business companies.

Files and file systems

This category gives you information about both the database file management capabilities and the integrated file system capabilities of the system.

IBM i and related software

Use this information to manage the IBM i operating system and related software on your system, from installation, upgrades, and licensing to inventory and fix management.


Learn about IBM i networking technologies for connecting your business to the Internet, configuring e-mail, and integrating file and print services, user profile management, and network operations.


Find information for various printing solutions, from high-performance multifunction printing environments to printing in a distributed network environment.


This category contains concepts and reference information needed most by IBM i application developers. Find information about developing multithreaded or distributed applications, or access reference information about application programming interfaces (APIs) and CL commands. Learn more about high-level languages such as C++, COBOL, and RPG.


This information describes how to set up and plan for your system security. Learn how to secure your network and communications applications, and how to add highly secure cryptographic processing capabilities to your system. Find information about object signing and signature validation, identity mapping, and solutions to Internet security risks.

Service and support

Use this information to understand your options when you have problems finding and solving problems with your IBM i products. This category covers problems you might have with applications you are running or with the system hardware. It also gives you information about reporting problems to a support center.

Service and support
Storage solutions

The purpose of this topic collection is to introduce you to System i storage and to help you to understand your choices about storage solutions.

Storage solutions
Systems management

Use this information to distribute and group system resources, plan backup and recovery situations, secure your system, manage multiple systems, and troubleshoot any problems that might occur on your system.


When you have problems with the IBM i products, read this topic collection to understand, analyze, and resolve these problems.

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IBM i glossary

Use the IBM i glossary to help you learn and understand IBM i terminology.

Note: Not all topic collections are updated for IBM i 7.2. Therefore, some topics might be titled "What's new for V7R1."