Starting Web Administration for i

The Web Administration for i allows you to create and manage different types of servers, including Web servers and application servers. Complete the following steps to start the Web Administration for i interface.

About this task

It is assumed that you have met the user profile requirements to access the Web Administration for i interface.

To start the Web Administration for i interface, complete the following steps:
Note: Enter your user profile name and password when prompted.


  1. Start the HTTP Administration server.
    1. In System i® Navigator, expand your_system > Network > Servers, and select TCP/IP.
    2. Right-click HTTP Administration, and select Start.
    Note: The administration server can also be started using the STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN) command at an IBM i command prompt.
  2. Bring up the IBM Navigator for i by accessing the following URL from a Web browser where your_system is your IBM i server host name:
  3. From the IBM Navigator for i welcome page click the IBM i Tasks Page link.
  4. Click the IBM Web Administration for i link.


From here, you can create different types of servers or work with existing servers, depending on your needs.
Note: If the Web Administration for i interface does not start, see Troubleshooting.