Globalization checklists

The numerous checklists, presented within the IBM® i globalization topic collection, are useful tools for ensuring that you have considered key items that are important in each particular aspect of your globalization planning and implementation.

The following table provides the link to each checklist and shows where you can go to read related topics.
Checklist Where you can go to read related topics
Checklist: Globalization planning This comprehensive two-part checklist, which you can find in Setting up IBM i with a national language version, provides a good summary of items that relate to hardware installation, software installation, and system configuration.
Checklist: Application design Use this checklist as you begin planning the development of a globalized application. You can find this checklist in Designing globalized applications.
Checklist: User interface design Use this checklist to ensure that the user interfaces you create for your applications anticipate unique requirements from multiple linguistic and cultural environments. You can find this checklist in User interfaces.
Checklist: Bidirectional support guidelines Languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, are displayed in a right-to-left direction. Because of this, you must take care that your applications handle bidirectional data properly, and that your interfaces can accommodate this presentation of text and data. You can find this checklist in Working with bidirectional data.
Checklist: DBCS application design You need to take numerous items into consideration when you develop applications that use double-byte character set (DBCS) support. You can find this checklist in Working with DBCS data.