IBM i Installation load source requirements

Load source size increased to 70 GB

Start of changeIf you have already upgraded to the April 2014 version of IBM i 7.2, you can skip this section as it no longer applies.End of change

Start of changeLoad source requirements for the November 2014 - IBM i 7.2 Technology Refresh 1End of change

Start of changeStarting with IBM i 7.2 TR1, the minimum loadsource requirements have changed for external and virtual loadsource LUNs. The minimum loadsource sizes are listed below:
  • Minimum of 35 GB for 520-byte sectors (DS8000, virtual disks with VIOS as server)
  • Minimum of 41 GB (to get 35 GB useable space) for 512-byte sectors (SVC, Storwize, virtual disks with VIOS VSCSI or IBM i as server)
  • Minimum of 70 GB for Native-attached SAS (Both 520-byte or 4K sectors)
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Start of changeNote that PTFs are required on an IBM i 6.1, 6.1.1, or 7.1 partition before upgrading to IBM i 7.2. End of change

Start of changeFor details about calculating "usable space", about the required PTFs, and other details, see the developerWorks topic IBM® i and Related Software.End of change

Start of changeLoad source requirements for April 2014 - IBM i 7.2 releaseEnd of change

Start of changeThe November 2014 IBM i Technology Refresh 1 has changed the loadsource requirements and also fixed issues with RAIDed Native-attached SAS drives. You should consider obtaining IBM i Technology Refresh 1 or later LIC media before continuing on with the upgrade.End of change

Successful installation of IBM i 7.2 requires the following for each server or logical partition:
  • The minimum load source disk size for IBM i 7.2 is 70 GB. This size is based on storage with 520-byte sectors. Two cautionary notes :
    • If the IBM i partition is using disks with 512-byte sectors, for example a partition hosted by IBM i or IBM i on storage that is attached by Virtual SCSI, the storage that is allocated for the load source needs to be approximately 80 GB to allow the IBM i partition to see the required 70 GB.
    • If you have a 70 GB load source disk that is going to be included in a RAID 5 or RAID 6 configuration, you must upgrade to 7.2 before you configure RAID. After the upgrade, you can start RAID including the load source. Examples of disks that fall into this category are #1884/198B (69.7 GB 15K RPM SAS SFF DISK) or #3676/433B (69.7GB 15K RPM SAS DISK DRIVE) disks.

    Before you upgrade, ensure that the server meets disk storage requirements for upgrades. In the IBM Knowledge Center review the "Ensuring the system meets disk storage requirements for upgrades" topic for instructions. Here is a link:

  • In addition, all server models with IBM i 7.1 or earlier releases installed require more reserved storage before IBM i 7.2 can be installed. Your upgrade will stop during the installation if you do not allocate the additional space. In the IBM Knowledge Center consult the "Required: Allocating additional space for Licensed Internal Code" topic for instructions. Here is a link: