Native database access behavior changes

SQL Query Engine (SQE) versus Classic Query Engine (CQE) behavior differences for native database access

As in previous releases, IBM® i 7.2 extends SQE handle more queries, in this case native queries processed outside of the SQL interfaces.

n IBM i 7.2, there is a new QAQQINI control called SQE_NATIVE_ACCESS with a default value of *YES. When *YES is used, the SQL Query Engine (SQE) attempts to run the query. If SQE is unable to process the query, the query is run using the Classic Query Engine (CQE). When SQE_NATIVE_ACCESS is changed to *NO, CQE is used first and SQE is only used when CQE is unable to run the query.

The SQE_NATIVE_ACCESS control value *NO should only be used temporarily by clients to give clients a means to easily and temporarily revert behavior back to CQE, if a behavior change or functional problem related to the Native Query support in SQE is encountered.

IBM i intends to remove the SQE_NATIVE_ACCESS control in the release after IBM i 7.3.