GO SAVE command menu options

This information describes the GO SAVE command and the most common menu options that you can use.

Access the GO SAVE command menu by typing GO SAVE from any command line. From the Save menu, you see option 21, option 22, and option 23 along with many more save options.

Start of changeThe GO SAVE (options 21-23, 40) menu was enhanced to end TCP prior to ending the subsystems.End of change

Start of changeCommands issued as part of these options are:
To allow time for these commands to process, two Delay job (DLYJOB) commands have been added. These commands will add a total of 10 minutes delay before the End subsystem (ENDSBS) command is executed.End of change

A single plus sign (+) indicates that the option places your system into a restricted state if you run it without prompting for commands, which means that nothing else can be running on your system when the menu option is selected. If you do prompt for commands, you can skip the ENDSBS command that places the system in restricted state.

A double plus sign (++) indicates that your system must be in a restricted state to run this option. You cannot skip the ENDSBS command that runs as part of the option.

Figure 2. Save menu—first display
Figure 3. Save menu—second display