Electronic Service Agent

Electronic Service Agent™ provides an automatic problem-reporting function. It helps predict and prevent hardware errors by early detection of potential problems. It also reports software errors. Electronic Service Agent downloads fixes and automatically submits problems to IBM when appropriate.

Supplemental system service information is sent to IBM and made available to IBM support centers to aid in problem resolution. The same service information is available to be viewed with prior registration of an IBM ID. For more information about creating an IBM ID, registering your system, and viewing the service information that you share with IBM, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the IBM Electronic ServicesLink outside Information Center Web site.
  2. Choose from the following options:
    1. To request an IBM ID, select Register.
    2. To view the service information that you share with IBM, select My Systems.

Electronic Service Agent must be activated on each system and logical partition (LPAR). It is integrated into the operating system.

If you have other IBM® i operating systems and IBM i LPARs that are running other releases of the operating system in your network, Electronic Service Agent is available for installation on all releases of the operating system. For information about Electronic Service Agent for previous releases, go to the Online Publications Web site to find the IBM Electronic Service Agent documents.